Friday, August 26, 2011


My art show has brought me great happiness.  You can still see my art dresses Friday and Saturday of this week, and Tuesday through Friday of next week. Gallery hours are from 1-5.  I take my show back next Saturday.  audreydresses has been quiet this past two months because I was finishing up my jobs and stitching on my show.  You understand.  One time I strolled down to the corner Border's, in my jammies even, and LO and BEHOLD-the great Oprah herself, heavily guarded, was speaking to a small and spontaneous audience.  When she finally stopped sermonizing and asked for questions-a man about my age appealed to her, with great sincerity, to honestly explain how to "live the life you choose" and how to "just be happy"--and she had the audacity to say "When I was like you . . . " and then offer no advice whatsoever. I thought about all of the things she might have said, and this one stuck with me--how about thanking the multitude of people who work everyday to make your dream life possible? And so that is what I would like to do before I figure out what I will tackle next in my artistic life.  I would like to THANK YOU --my friends who have listened to my ideas, donated fabric, and gone to see my show--the fine people of the William T. Colville foundation who had great faith in me as an artist and urged me to "pull out all the stops" --the women at the gallery who are kind and patient--teachers who have worked with me and inspired me to listen to stories long buried--and most of all, my beloved children who stand by me through everything and make every good thing in my life worthwhile and possible.  Without them I would have no reason to thread a needle.  Stand by for more news about audreydresses in the coming weeks.  I have to gather donations, artistic inspiration, and fabric before I begin again. Viva la Vida and of course and most importantly, LOVE ALWAYS!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


There is something so eternally enduring and endearing to me about the artists, writers, and musicians living during the Beat period in time.  I love them. I love their bravery.  I feel at home with them, and accepted into their circle. And so I was watching the movie "Howl" and it flooded my senses with everything I remembered about the smoky colors and cagey music, the struggles for artistic understanding, the jazzbop fight for poetic expression . . . just everything, actually.  The movie and the court trial set against animations and jazz worked their way into my just go ahead and look the other way and pretend to be normal why do I feel the need to fit in with anything around me soul and HOWL THE DRESS took shape.  I knew it had to be only for my beloved daughter who encourages me in everything, walks with me down sharp crooked paths of creativity, and holds the mirror of cracked brilliance up for me to peer into when I would just as soon give up entirely.  Yeah.  You can say she is my muse.  Hand-lettered on pewter dupioni from an enthusiastic SILK BARON down south, every single word from Ginsberg is here.  The footnote to HOWL is on the somewhat offbeat rose on the back. Only for my daughter's birthday.  Only for Ginsberg.  Only for HOWL. Oh and a big P.S.  The only thing for it was to create the world's most glorious GREEN silk petticoat with miles of ruffles and black tulle to go underneath in order to effect the best party profile. HAPPY BIRTHDAY INGRID!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fairies Would Never Eat Giraffes

I was supposed to be sick and working on back taxes (yes me.  in the entire bankrupt state of California. they are holding me responsible for a pathetic amount of back taxes. no doubt I am the cause of this entire mayhem) but somehow the lure of fairy garb talked me into ignoring responsibilities great and small and doing what I do best . . . translating all of my worries and problems into tiny glass beads, bits of ribbon and tulle, and endless yards of  pieced cottons, satins, magic cloth, and freehand stitching. And giraffes?  Oh my goodness-I would never eat a giraffe!! I will never eat another animal!! Considering a line of radical, militant stop eating animals dresses ala "Wicked".  Could be the fever.  OK. A fairy party dress and details. The giraffe dress modeled by Bridget Bardot.

Flowers in Afghanistan

There is a specific beauty to these little girls . . . a world away from me and yet, as I sit in my California bungalow and boot up their pictures again and again, it somehow feels as though they are right here with me.  Again, many thanks to Dr. Rolfe and Hope for enthusiastically taking my dresses to these girls.  Aren't they so beautiful?  I believe in what I do, creating garments out of fabric and thread, but seeing them come to life on these little beauties makes all sorts of personal challenges vanish like smoke. Don't you agree?

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Human Connection

There are three remarkable, wonderful, perfect experiences in my life that I hold on to tightly no matter what other nonsense is crashing, recessing, decaying, or just plain annoying me: the birth and growing up of my children, walking through the streets of Paris, and receiving these photos of little girls in Afghanistan holding up my audreydresses.  And now after a few weeks of working nonstop and tucking away an extra month of summer rent, I am anxious to begin again.  What better way to kick off another several months of audreydresses than with this photograph from a world away?  Looking at these girls and listening to Dr. Rolfe tell their stories was a wonderful gift to me . . . the fabrics that I bought and were donated, the hours I spent stitching backstage and in the early mornings before dog walking, and the intense desire I have to be part of something larger than being comfortable and buying things was all worth it and answered by the look in their huge dark eyes.  My very grateful thanks to Dr. Rolfe and Hope for making this human connection a reality.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Meaning and Purpose in Pink and Blue

This little skirt is bound for Afghanistan as well, and with the construction and delivery of "Marie was a little girl once too", I have found myself in a wonderful but somewhat unfamiliar place.  I am strapped running like the white rabbit himself between openings and runnings of plays--and that has a lot to do with paying rent--but also, I am taking a little time in the midst of long theatre hours to look back on a few months very, very well spent . . . designing, stitching, and MOST OF ALL--CONNECTING.  I have wallowed in websites, emailed many strangers who have become contacts, listened to stories heart rending and inspiring, and received many kindnesses, donations, and words of wisdom along the way.  So where now Audreydresses? My wish is to continue creating beautiful dresses and skirts for girls of need, to ever widen my circle of artist friends, and to keep on keeping on constructing a life of meaning and purpose through my art and stitching . . . with the help of many dogs of course. Love always!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Audrey Dresses Go Global

You already know that one of the most important reasons I make my dresses is to maintain a sense of connection, and to feel like I have a place in the world.  A local dentist has dedicated his life to a self-contained, state of the art dental clinic which he flies to Afghanistan. His dream is so grand, and everything has been collected and made by him in order to help the people of Afghanistan maintain their smiles and healthy teeth.  I am beyond proud to send my little messengers of satin, tulle, beads, donated fabric (thanks Linda and Sharlene!!), and even a happy chameleon to Afghanistan with Dr. Jim Rolfe. My sincere hope is that in some small way they can bridge the many miles and make at least three little girls feel so, so beautiful and appreciated. Oh! And I would never eat a chameleon! Dash calls them the Corgis of the Lizard world.