Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fairies Would Never Eat Giraffes

I was supposed to be sick and working on back taxes (yes me.  in the entire bankrupt state of California. they are holding me responsible for a pathetic amount of back taxes. no doubt I am the cause of this entire mayhem) but somehow the lure of fairy garb talked me into ignoring responsibilities great and small and doing what I do best . . . translating all of my worries and problems into tiny glass beads, bits of ribbon and tulle, and endless yards of  pieced cottons, satins, magic cloth, and freehand stitching. And giraffes?  Oh my goodness-I would never eat a giraffe!! I will never eat another animal!! Considering a line of radical, militant stop eating animals dresses ala "Wicked".  Could be the fever.  OK. A fairy party dress and details. The giraffe dress modeled by Bridget Bardot.

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