Saturday, February 19, 2011

Family of Trees

STAND BACK!! This new skirt makes me happy for so many reasons.  The easiest to explain is that I used a technique from the PARTY DRESS queen, Mary Adams.  Her book explains how to use bias strips which I cut to make the leaves of the tree.  A little more challenging to explain is why I used "Family of Trees" . . . ah--challenging but sweet for sure.  It is a song that I really like, and it ties in so beautifully to a cafe story my manager without equal daughter told me about the powerful love of connected family. Hand painted birds of course. A circle skirt which encompasses everything.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Day Dresses

I know, I know, what is with all of the PARTY DRESSES?  Well, a lot of it has to do with Mary Adams and practicing ideas from her PARTY DRESS book, and even more of it has to do with the feeling I get when I think about small children and their ability to make every moment a party, and even, even more has to do with the KINDNESS OF PEOPLE . . . women who have taken the time to go through their fabric and send me some precious scraps.  These are not only 3 Party style Audreydresses, they are also SCRAP DRESSES!! Made completely from donated fabric-THANKS to Del, Linda, and Shelia.  SEW IT FORWARD  in a big way.  Love makes all things possible!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Expect a Great Experience

Here is a minor . . . well, OK--MAJOR miracle in my sewing life: a BRAND NEW electronic machine!  I researched like crazy for a new machine that could make buttonholes, and launch me into the world of more machine sewing and less handwork, but I was old school in regards to machines.  Buying local was dear to my heart so a trip to ART AND JENNY'S SEWING MACHINE CENTER in Ventura seemed like the place to try a new machine.  Little did I know that I would have a GREAT EXPERIENCE with their top salesman and knowledgeable son, Brian, a whiz kid who looks like a rock and roller and knows literally everything about a sewing machine you would ever want to know.  Their wonderful store is like a sewing machine museum with every make and year of machine imaginable sitting on counters and lining the walls--an entire history of our beloved art!  So here is my DREAM MACHINE, made possible by my GRANT and the kind and generous people at Art and Jenny's Sewing Machine Center! JANOME RULES!  Thanks so much Brian!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tangled Up In Tulle

Such happiness! A friend of a friend creates fabulous PARTY DRESSES in New York.  She is as talented and successful as we all wish we could be, and I have her book-"The Party Dress Book"-and it inspired me beyond words and this TINY PINK EXPLOSION is the result! Thanks to Mary Adams and her color filled pages and generous creative secrets which she shares so eloquently!! I am not sure when or where I will send this dress.  Looking at it makes me so happy.  See the Mary Adams inspired ruffle? Hand finished throughout.  Tulle overlay and bodice of satin roses.  Size 3! And yes! I can start posting pictures again because the world's finest photographer--Toby--sent my little camera back home to me!! Yaay!!