Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Powder Blue Megan Christmas

 Oh joy! Here are my first two PRINCESS dresses.  I made them around birthdays, holiday best wishes, fancy French pastries, overflowing boxes of Milkbones, mini road trips to Davis, more rain than a person could bucket, sweet backstage work with a dream cast, and long, long walks under cloudy and star-filled skies.  And shining and twinkling over all of this wonderfulness, there is a tiny, powder blue Christmas tree, standing in the Christmas corner, welcoming us and brightening our part of the world.  Satin and tulle, taffeta and glass beads, ribbon roses and antique velvet . . . stitched up and on their way to North Carolina! My first two Audrey dresses!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Artist's Life

I know that I am only one of many, and that is all right.  Here is a tiny window into my work space. The piles and sculptures of silks and cottons OF COURSE make my heart sing, but most importantly in this picture--can you see it?--there is a cover of a sewing machine given to me by two of my most beloved students of all time--MIRACLE and KSO.  Every time I sew anything with their wonderful gift, MAGIC HAPPENS!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Not for Profit!

AUDREY is about art and beauty as dresses for little girls who are special people in our world. They are not for sale.  I send them for free.  They are my gift.  Am I wealthy?  No.  I barely pay my own rent.  No one can pay me for what I do, however, my art is me.  My art is not for sale.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

And Why Audrey?

AUDREY~is in honor of Audrey Hepburn, one of my main heroines, and AUDREY is also in honor of Allison, a young woman who sang and behaved like an angel and was OUR Audrey in SBHS's recent production of Little Shop of Horrors, and AUDREY is also in honor of the young woman who brought the BIG Audrey to life for all time--Jessica.  And Little Love Dresses? That's easy . . . because love is all there is!

Genius Child!

Even though I dress like a tomboy almost all of the time, and wear my dog-hair covered backstage blacks the rest of the time, my heart and soul belong to the worlds of Couture, Breakfast at Tiffanys, Baron Munchausen, and all places sparkly, bright, beautiful, and brilliant. CONTACT ME and AUDREY~Little Love Dresses at and tell me about your little girl or a special girl that you know. Love always!


Oh my goodness!!  I am so excited!  How to get started . . . let's see.  Do you know a little girl who needs a very special dress?  If you do, write to me and tell me who you are, who she is, and we will talk about what I can create for her!  It is just that simple!


Audrey is a creation of dreams and love.  As an artist, and a costumer, I think and imagine in fabric and design.  As a writer and retired English teacher, my clothing and costumes come with stories and poetry.  As a woman with grown children and a desire for continuing meaning in my life, I make beautiful, perfect, one-of-a-kind dresses.  Imagine with me . . . a little girl who has lost everything receiving a box with butterflies and fabric flowers, a personal story, and a dress made just for her.  I never make ordinary dresses.  I began by making storybook dresses for the most perfect little girl on the planet, my beloved granddaughter, X.  She owns the Prufrock Frock, an Homage to Monet dress, a Dior copy, a Gothic Schoolgirl dress, and I am hard at work on a Little Jane Austen, and a Cats Take Over the World dress.  I could never charge for my dresses because they are my art, my gift to the world's children and my own attempt at creating beauty in the midst of modern day chaos.  AUDREY~Little Love Dresses are the real stuff of fantasy; think Cirque deSoleil and Alice, Pippi and City of Lost Children, Corduroy and The Little Rascals.  Made from the finest fabrics and unique trims, buttons, laces, ribbons, and surprises, AUDREY~Little Love Dresses are pure art to be worn, and beauty to be owned.