Sunday, December 5, 2010


Audrey is a creation of dreams and love.  As an artist, and a costumer, I think and imagine in fabric and design.  As a writer and retired English teacher, my clothing and costumes come with stories and poetry.  As a woman with grown children and a desire for continuing meaning in my life, I make beautiful, perfect, one-of-a-kind dresses.  Imagine with me . . . a little girl who has lost everything receiving a box with butterflies and fabric flowers, a personal story, and a dress made just for her.  I never make ordinary dresses.  I began by making storybook dresses for the most perfect little girl on the planet, my beloved granddaughter, X.  She owns the Prufrock Frock, an Homage to Monet dress, a Dior copy, a Gothic Schoolgirl dress, and I am hard at work on a Little Jane Austen, and a Cats Take Over the World dress.  I could never charge for my dresses because they are my art, my gift to the world's children and my own attempt at creating beauty in the midst of modern day chaos.  AUDREY~Little Love Dresses are the real stuff of fantasy; think Cirque deSoleil and Alice, Pippi and City of Lost Children, Corduroy and The Little Rascals.  Made from the finest fabrics and unique trims, buttons, laces, ribbons, and surprises, AUDREY~Little Love Dresses are pure art to be worn, and beauty to be owned.

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